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4 thoughts on “Contact Us:

  1. Hello beautiful family.
    My names are Jackson Muhiza. I leave in kigali and i love watching your show on YouTube.
    I would like to offer you a service of taking you around kigali and beyond.
    I am fluent in English because I leaved in uk.
    I have my own car( I can drive you around) and i am a chef, i can cook for you.
    I love what you guys do.

    Thank you


    1. I’m planning to travel to Rwanda next year . How can we communicate with each other ? Is it possible to use email ? Thanks


  2. Hi,

    Many have the misconception of Buddhism being a religion. Buddhism is really more of a way of life whch can wired our brains positively and see changes in a different light.

    Since fate has brough us here, we hope you can spend some time to explore Buddhism.

    We have shortlisted a few videos from youtube with regards to Buddhism, we believe your time will not be wasted:

    Check out the videos in youtube here:

    What is Buddhism?

    Basic of Buddhism by Patrick Goodness in youtube:

    Albert Einstein on Buddhism – what Albert Einstein thought about Buddhism:

    Bertrand Russell (Nobel Prize Winner) on Buddha and Buddhism

    There is a great deal of quality content in Youtube regarding Buddhism and how it can alleviate sufferings. During this trying times, we hope the above can help you! If you find this useful, please share with your friends!


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