“Langkawi, Malaysia – 99 Islands”

By: M. Jackson

April 27, 2020

view from the Sky Cab platform @ the Global Geo Park

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia, located east of Indonesia and north of Singapore. Because there are many places that you can visit there, we decided on a place that we’ve only heard about, but never knew anyone who’s ever gone….Langkawi! Langkawi, Malaysia is a group of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea. The islands sit about 30km off the coast of mainland Malaysia.

Even though Langkawi is an island, there are so many fun things to do and adventures to be had. While there we enjoyed things like walks along the local beach to ATV rides that took us into the country side, where our scenery changed from street sidewalks, big buildings, restaurants and hotels to dirt roads that wound along beautiful rice paddy fields, local farms, and historical park areas.

ATV Extreme Zone experience

riding through the rain forest

Another exciting experience was a visit to the Langkawi Global Geo Park, which is named a UNESCO world site because of its prehistoric rock formations and natural sites – which are over 550 million years old. While there we enjoyed the spectacular views of the islands of Langkawi and Southern Thailand from the Machincang Mountain on their famous Sky Cab attraction. The Sky Cab takes you over 700 M above sea level (not for the faint of heart)! The park also offers many other activities that we enjoyed like: shopping with local vendors, eateries, a 6D Cinemotion Theatre and the Art In Paradise – 3D Art Museum, which is the second largest 3D art museum in the world! The Langkawi Global Geo Park was a true family fun favorite for us!

having fun catching amazing views- Sky Cab platform @ the Global Geopark

Fun at the Art in Paradise – 3D Art Museum

For relaxation, we enjoyed the many amenities of the Aseania Resort and Spa (Langkawi), where we stayed during our visit. Onsite amenities that we enjoyed were outside barbeques, choice dining, a gym and spa, lazy river pool with waterfall and slides, a wave pool, children’s games, and pool bars. For breakfast, we indulged in a buffet breakfast, which was a combination of local and international dishes. At night, we were entertained with musical performances by local artists, while we delighted in a delicious 3 course meal at poolside under the stars.

Poolside at the Aseania Resort sunset (lazy river pool with slides and waterfalls)

dinner by candle light under the stars

Langkawi was a win for us, and we definitely recommend it as a fun vacation destination – from the solo backpacker to families traveling with children.

All Photos by: Unapologetic Nomads

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2 thoughts on ““Langkawi, Malaysia – 99 Islands”

  1. I am impressed how you guys searched around until you found a nice apt.
    I love your apartment. Then you guys found a chef!!! The food looked so awesome I felt like I was there eating with you guys.. Everything looked so delicious. I like your husband s attitude toward eating. He made sure the cook was not left out while he was eating. Loved that. I am from Jamaica. I know the old English way of eating I grew up on that. This is why I made that comment about your husband. Very sensitive from a Godly standpoint. Your daughter just jumped right in that cracked me up😅😅
    I have been looking into every area in Africa where to settle this is why I follow you guys. I believe if you didn’t see some good opportunities in Rwanda you wouldn’t go there. Just curious where would be the most cost effective place for me to stay for 2 weeks and look around. I would be very grateful if you could send me some places.


    1. Hi Villma!

      Thank you for that warm, heart-felt message. We truly appreciate it. We were just a little puzzled as to why it was posted under the blog about Malaysia is all…lol. Yes, we had been researching Rwanda for two years and have been admiring the progress. We are very happy about our decision to move here. There are definitely many opportunities here as well! Feel free to contact us via email at: unapologeticnomads@gmail.com with any questions you have. Thank you again for visiting!


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